Core Values

The group’s core values are based on two basic business philosophy that are “The Banana Tree Philosophy” and “The Seven Principles”.

The Banana Tree Philosophy exemplifies togetherness, willingness to sacrifice, spirit to serve mankind and the ability to regenerate.

The Seven Principles are practical guidelines for all employees, they are:
• Contribution and Dedication to the nation
• Honesty and Fairness
• Harmonious Teamwork
• Continuous Improvement
• Courtesy and Humility
• Adaptability
• Gratitude and Thankfulness

These philosophies has been woven into each business entity of Gobel Group. Profit is not an aim in itself, but is the measure of how well we fulfill our obligations to consumers through our products and services. The Group strives to provide employment, protect the environment, fulfill our obligations to the nation and be valuable to the society.