PT. Gobel Dharma Sarana Karya, established in 1977, is part of Gobel Group of companies. Started out merely from the sincere motivation of our late founder, Drs. H. Thayeb Mohammad Gobel to provide in-house meals for his factory workers. During that time, factories providing in-house meals to its workers were not a common practice in Indonesia. He then set up a kitchen in his factory and gathered the workers’ wives to prepare good quality meals for their husbands working in the factory. His only purpose then was only to see the workers being able to have decent meals during their break time therefore making them feel happy and enhancing their productivity. Today, PT. Gobel Dharma Sarana Karya have evolved into a professional services company providing variety of food and hospitality services to various parts of society in Indonesia. Our aim is to improve the lives of people we touch with our services and smiles.