Values that are instilled,

understood, and implemented

Core Value

Our Vision

Become a cater company trusted who always gives added value for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Proritizing Production and Service Quality
Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction
Prioritizing and Improving Welfare Employee
Prioritizing Commitment and Consistency in Development of the Indonesian Nation

The Group’s core values are based on Banana Tree basic business philosophy and implemented into The Seven Principles

The Banana Tree Philosophy exemplifies togetherness, willingness to sacrifice, spirit to serve mankind, and the ability to regenerate. These philosophies has been woven into each business entity of Gobel Group. Profit is not an aim in itself, but is the measure of how well we fulfill our obligations to consumers through our products and services. The Group strives to provide employment, protect the environment, fulfill our obligations to the government and be useful to the society.

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7 Company Principles


Contributing to the progress and welfare of society and the country.

Honesty and Fairness

Every individual must be honest and fair in every activity that is carried out.

Harmonious Teamwork

Collaboration based on mutual respect and mutual assistance between employees to get better results.

Continuous Improvement

Always improve product quality and good customer service in order to achieve customer satisfaction

Courtesy and Humility

Big hearted and dare to admit mistakes for the betterment of the company


The courage to adapt to changing environmental conditions

Gratitude and Thankfulness

The spirit of gratitude and thankfulness to give unlimited peace, happiness and strength in overcoming any difficulties encountered.