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Remote Catering

Bringing a feeling of home in a
place away from home

We understand some people have to live and work in remote areas. Many companies and organizations are operating in some of the most remote and extreme locations on earth. Such remote and extreme environments can easily cause stress to employees.


We have a long experience in providing catering and support services in remote areas, bringing comfort and convenience to people living and working there. We have the capabilities to provide comprehensive and integrated services to support their overall well-being and create a home away from home feeling.


Our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive services that are precisely tailored to the distinct needs of clients in any location, such as offshore platforms, vessels, barges and remote mining camps. Our comprehensive services include serving nutritious meals, ensuring cleanliness of offices and rooms, taking care of laundry, managing recreation facilities, tending the garden and many more

Sector We Serve

Oil & Gas

Wherever the format or location, we can cater to it.

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